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All your essentials needed to create tasty, great quality home cooked food.

Weekly Essentials

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Rump Steak

A great choice of steak,
From: £4.40

Sirloin Steak

A well known popular steak,
From: £6.22

Rib Eye Steak

Popular for those that enjoy
From: £10.20

Fillet Steak

Trimmed to perfection, you won’t
From: £9.35

Whole Chickens

Our standard everyday whole chickens
From: £5.75

Pork Sausages

Handmade on the premises using
From: £3.40

Back Bacon

Available in both Smoked and
From: £3.10

Sliced Ham

We cook, crumb and slice
From: £4.75

Free Range Eggs

Supplied by Chapel Farm, the
Price: £1.88