UK and Irish sourced, with full traceability…We remove all connective tissue, hang our beef for at least 28 days which improves flavour and tenderness and trim it to perfection.


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1/4lb burgers of deliciousness! Available
From: £1.18

Beef Mince

Our beef mince is run
From: £5.25

Extra Lean Steak Mince

Our Steak mince is run
From: £5.74

Rolled Rump of Beef

Our wonderfully succulent and fully
From: £23.97

Topside of Beef

Nice & lean and trimmed
From: £15.38

Rump Steak

A great choice of steak,
From: £4.50

Sirloin Steak

A well known popular steak,
From: £7.25

Rib Eye Steak

Popular for those that enjoy
From: £10.20

Fillet Steak

Trimmed to perfection, you won’t
From: £9.35

Individual Beef Wellington

Handmade individual beef wellingtons that
Price: £9.98