Why not try something new from our delicious choice of roasting options, we have everything from traditional cuts to our own designs.


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Rolled/Boneless Turkey Breast

Simple, yet tasty. You may
From: £14.48

Rolled Rump of Beef

Our wonderfully succulent and fully
From: £19.80

Topside of Beef

Nice & lean and trimmed
From: £14.30

Unsmoked Gammon

Unsmoked gammon that’s super tasty.
From: £13.20

Smoked Gammon

Smoked gammon – have it
From: £13.80

Shoulder/Spare Rib of Pork

A great joint for all
From: £8.35

Loin of Pork

Boneless loin of pork –
From: £10.80

Whole Chickens

Our standard everyday whole chickens
From: £5.75

Chicken Cushion

Our own make Chicken Cushions
From: £10.50

Leg Lamb

A classic roast joint, paired
From: £11.90

Roasting Pack

An easy way to get
Price: £37.00