We sell quality English free range Pork, which has been fed on an Apple diet to enhance the flavour. This same pork is used to make our own make sausages which is combined with a number of flavours to offer a varied choice of sausages.


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Cumberland Sausages

Our own make popular cumberland
From: £3.40

Pork & Leek Sausages

A delicious blend of Pork
From: £3.40

Pork & Hops Sausages

A great tasting sausage that
From: £3.40

Pork Chops

Pack of 2 (minimum weight
Price: £4.40

Pork Steaks

Pork Loin steaks (just like
Price: £4.50

Belly of Pork Rashers

As the name implies, pork
Price: £2.60

Unsmoked Gammon

Unsmoked gammon that’s super tasty.
From: £13.20

Smoked Gammon

Smoked gammon – have it
From: £13.80

Shoulder/Spare Rib of Pork

A great joint for all
From: £8.35

Loin of Pork

Boneless loin of pork –
From: £10.80

Diced Pork

Our butchers trim and dice
From: £3.85

Gammon steak

We hand cut our gammon
Price: £5.00